Coffee places in Krakow

More and more places to appear on the website. I am happy to announce that I have started working on obtaining information on interesting spots to have coffee in Krakow.

It is a well-known fact that good cafes were always one of the most important components of a pleasant stay in any city. No matter if you have decided to visit a new destination or the one you have already been to, it is crucial to know where to go to grab coffee in the morning or pamper yourself with the cake.

Here you have some of them already.

  1. Cudawianki

Lovely place with magic, hidden garden. Can you imagine that lazy Saturday morning when the only thought you have in your mind is where to get breakfast and coffee? Can you imagine sun lights going through the tree leaves and you are trying to find a shade while drinking coffee? Can you imagine a beautiful, open spot with wood benches, comfortable, cute tents, and white, thin, look-through curtains covering the tents?

If no, go to Cudawianki cafe. What do they offer? The good thing is that they change the menu accordingly to the season, so there is so-called “winter menu” and “summer menu.” Visitors can sit outside even during the autumn because every tent has its own small heater.

What to try? I would recommend coffee, tea ( wide variety), pastries, snacks. The staff is always very nice, helpful and resourceful. Usually, they tend to give a client some advice on what to choose and what to try.


Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday 11 AM – 9 PM; Thursday – Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM

Payment options: cash and card

Next to the main entrance
Inside the Cudawianki
Garden during autumn
How cute it is
Who is here? 🙂
One more cafe with the cat 🙂 This beautiful fluffy creature lives in one of the buildings close to the Cudawianki
Looks charming, right? 😉
No matter if it autumn or summer, I love Cudawianki 🙂
Enjoying my cup of red tea
Our guest 🙂
Garden in summer time


2. Niebieskie Migdały

That is the cafe which has not only great coffee but also fresh, tasty deserts. A wide range of cakes with crazy-colored fillings. Here I will introduce one of my favorites 🙂 It is Baby Blue cake. That was the main reason to go to Niebieskie Migdały and check it by myself. It was one of those cold, freezing autumn evenings and we decided to try something new.

So our beautiful Sunday ended up in a charming place with tasty cakes and amazing tea. It is located five minutes walking from the Main Square on the Plac Wszystkich Swietych 11. Lovely with these big blue chairs, simple interior, and small cute decoration things, Niebieskie Migdaly is lovable.

A Good thing – most everything – excellent location, visible entrance, it is elegant and pleasant inside; decent prices; high quality of cakes and different sorts of coffee and tea; polite and friendly staff. They have a small annotation on the menu that there is a self- service. I think it is very kind of them. I LOVE this place so far.

A Bad thing – no menu in English ( as far as I noticed); no website; and you can hear most everything what is happening in the kitchen or restroom ( which makes you feel confused sometimes).

Website: none

Instagram account: yes

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8 AM – 10 PM; Sunday 9 AM – 9 PM; Monday 11 AM – 10 PM

Payment options: cash and card

Menu of Niebieskie Migdaly
Looks cute 😉
Inside the place
Baby Blue Cake 🙂 It looks like it has been created somewhere in another universe!
Sunday evening 🙂
Baby Blue and me 🙂 We look nice together, do not we? 🙂


3. Żarówka Cafe

People say that we live from the weekend to another weekend. They are partially right. It was Saturday. One of those days when it is warm during the day, and icily in the evening. That was the day which was crazy rainy, but then suddenly it became sunny and then smoggy. A common situation in Krakow.
So let’s see what we found on Saturday. Hidden from the main street, this place will offer you an excellent cozy garden decorated with candles and flowers.
I would say that it is located in “typical” Krakow’s yard surrounded by not high buildings, ornamented with a bunch of bicycles.
The name of it is Żarówka Cafe. They do not have their website, but there are a lot of reviews coming from Tripadvisor, Google My Business or any other source.
A good thing – it is restful, warm and comfortable.It has a very informal and friendly atmosphere. You get relaxed and do not want to go anywhere. There is a good selection of different types of coffee, tea, and cakes.
A bad thing – not easy to notice the entrance; no website; not a wide variety of snacks, and two or three options for lunch and breakfast only.

Website: no

Instagram account: yes

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM; Friday – Saturday 10 AM – 10 PM

Payment options: cash and card

Menu in Zarowka cafe
Menu in Zarowka
Warm atmosphere
Autumn in Krakow
When it rains in Krakow
Keep the smile on your face!
Awww 🙂 who is here? One of my favorite features of Krakow’s cafes is a chance to see pet 🙂
When people hear that I have kids, I mean have those two cute ladies <3
Inside the Zarowka cafe
Surrounded by the typical buildings
Spring is around the corner
Cozy and cute 🙂
Sunday Noon
How happy they are

4. Magia cafe

If you prefer to sit, listen to music somewhere in the center of the city, watching lights, enjoying homemade wine or thinking which of them to choose from a huge variety offered in the wine card…if you like when you do not see any waiters running around, if you like to have a feeling that this cafe is a collection of old books, dark old chairs, round tables and empty wine bottles, then you are welcome to Magia cafe. Even though it is located in the heart of the city next to Maria’s Church (Kosciol Mariacki), it does not look like a crowded touristic place. It rather shares the cozy, homey atmosphere with you flavored by subdued lights, huge big plants, and cat sleeping in the chair.

What to try: coffee, different cocktails, and wine. They have some offers for breakfast as well.

One more interesting fact about Magia cafe is that it is located inside the popular building of Hipolit family in the downtown. 4 years ago while walking and exploring things, I met a huge, lazy cat. Hipolitus was that type of cats who are super proud of themselves 😀 If you go to Magia, more likely you will find him calmly sleeping in the chair somewhere close to the bar. That is the life 😀


Instagram account: yes

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 08 AM – 2 AM

Payment options: cash and card

I would say it makes sense!
Hipolitus is sleeping 😀 Seems like he does not care at all!
Magic, is not it? 🙂
Inside the cafe bar

4. Coffee with the view of Maria’s church and Main Square

According to the website, “The world’s arguably oldest shopping mall has been in business in the middle of Krakow’s central Grand Square (Rynek Glowny) for 700 years.” So that’s why I decided to highlight the spot with the stunning view of the Main Square and Maria’s church. claims that “The con­struc­tion of St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca was star­ted in late 13th cen­tu­ry on the foun­da­tions of a for­mer Roma­ne­sque chur­ch. The new tem­ple was con­se­cra­ted aro­und the year 1320.” So if you want to enjoy and feel the atmosphere of Krakow city center, watch the life of downtown and have a postcard view, then it is time to go to Sukiennice (Shopping mall) and order a cup of coffee.

The cafe is situated on the 1st floor of Sukiennice building. Even though it is in the heart of tourist area, prices are decent. I would recommend trying coffee or any other beverage or snack.

Pros: excellent location; not high prices; beautiful view; great spot for taking pictures

Cons: poor service


Instagram: yes 

Opening hours: depends on the season

Payment options: cash and card

Summertime 🙂
One of the best spots for pictures of the oldest market halls in the world

5. Pinakoteka

When you visit Krakow or better to say if you google any information about the must-check spots before coming here, I can bet you will find Dolnych Młynów area and all of the cafes which belong to it. One of those places which I will introduce is Pinakoteka. Located inside the former factory building and renovated in a modern design which rather looks like a tiny, cozy art gallery with the paintings on the wall, it offers every guest a warm, homelike atmosphere with friendly, smiley staff.

Pros: quite easy to find; kids friendly design and amenities; amiable staff; pleasant aura; beverages and snacks; menu in English available

Cons: if people go to Pinakoteka for the first time, they might get confused with the Dolnych Młynów area; no website; not a big assortment of dishes to choose; no breakfast offers

Website: no

Instagram account: yes

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 12 AM – 11 PM

Payment options: cash and card

Menu of Pinakoteka
Beverages card of Pinakoteka
Entrance to Pinakoteka
As I mentioned before, it looks like a tiny art gallery 🙂
It is very lovely inside 🙂
During the evening

6. Cupcake Corner

I noticed this cafe about a month ago when we had a photo shooting with one of the most talented young girls I have met in my life 🙂 ( about photo shooting…well, it will appear on my blog soon 😉 So let’s get back to the topic. There are three corners in Krakow; the first one is located on Grodzka street, the one right next to the Main Square; the second one is on Bracka street and there is one on Michalowskiego 14.

I have been to two locations and there is one common feature – nice, polite staff. I was amused to get my caramel late during the shooting, they made my day and joyful mood 😀 Ladies at the cash desk are very friendly and helpful.

Pros: decent prices ( small cappuccino will cost you 10 zl; the big, grande one for 400 ml will be 13 zl); great location; visible entrance and sign of the brand on the street and on the paper cups; polite staff; selection of cupcakes and bagels, pastries baked in the cafe; website;

Cons: self-service; website only in Polish, seems like English version is still under the process


Instagram account: yes 

Opening hours: depends on the location.

Cupcake corner on Bracka:  Monday – Saturday 08 AM – 9 PM; Sunday 09 AM – 09 PM

Cupcake corner on Grodzka:  Monday – Saturday 08 AM – 9 PM; Sunday 09 AM – 09 PM

Cupcake corner on Piotra Michałowskiego 14:  Monday – Friday 08 AM – 9 PM; Saturday 08 AM – 6 PM; Sunday 09 AM – 5 PM

Payment options: Cash and card

Looks tasty, does not it? 🙂
It is impossible to be on a diet
Easy-to-find entrance 🙂

7. Braci Szewczenko

A Ukrainian pastry and cake shop located at Stary Kleparz area. If you are a fan of super sweets cakes, then you are at the right place. They offer you not only sweets but also excellent coffee. When I saw some pics from the cafe, I got amazed with the shape and fillings of the cakes. When you look at them, there is a feeling that they were taken out from another universe.

Pros: decent prices (for 2 cakes and 3 coffees we paid less than 40 zl); easy-to-find location; tasty cakes

Cons: cold inside the cafe (or maybe it was something wrong with me), not a wide variety of cakes (at least, from what I saw)

Website: (PL only)

Instagram: yes

Opening hours: 09 AM – 8 PM on weekdays; Saturday, Sunday from 10 AM till 5 PM

Payment options: cash and card

So simple and so true
Unfortunately, the pic can not describe the taste of my cake 🙂
Lovy Love
So true
Simple Design
Yummy-yummy. Chocolate cake with the cherry cover
Tropical cake with some fruits inside



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